Bridal Suite & Retreat

One of our most popular features are separate, but nearby, areas dedicated for both wedding parties to prepare for the special day.

These private, spacious and well equipped rooms are located on the second floor on eye level with our crystal chandeliers.  They provide a stunning backdrop for time to gather, create special moments and enjoy the happy event.

Bridal Suite

Our Bridal Suite and Retreat area offers everything you need to prepare for your special day. The room has a double vanity area with seating for many attendants. A steamer is available and plenty of room for hanging gowns on provided racking. Located on the second floor this private area is very popular due to it’s convenience and elegance. Schedule a tour today.

Spacious and Private
The Bridal Suite. Everything you need to prepare for your special day.
Comfort and Convenience
Located on the second floor.
Double Extended Vanity
Room for a large number of bridesmaids.

Grooms Retreat

The Retreat is the room designated for grooms and groomsmen. Originally created as a boardroom for executive meetings, it has a counter area and traditional design.
It features two large couches, a lounge chair, small table and built-in counter space for food or drink. There is also a flat screen television provided to keep everyone entertained. It is often cited in the surveys as one of the most enjoyed features by the groom and his attendants.

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Groom and Groomsmen
Large Screen TV and Comfortable Seating
Table Seating
For dining or a card game.