The Community Life Center holds a liquor license, and by law must provide all beer, wine, and/or liquor for events held at the facility.

  • Security is required at all events.
  • There is a $500 minimum expenditure on purchases for the bar for all events. Bars may be operated as a Cash Bar, Open Bar or Combination to meet the minimum.
  • There are NO REFUNDS.
  • There is a 2 drink per person maximum at any one visit to the bar.
  • The maximum the bar can be open is 6 hours.
  • The bar WILL close after 6 hours or at 11pm, whichever is EARLIER; LAST CALL will occur 30 minutes prior to the bar closing, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • NO OUTSIDE LIQUOR OF ANY KIND will be permitted on the CLC premises. If outside liquor is found, it will be confiscated and discarded and the violator will be asked to vacate the premises.   Any outside liquor found at the facility is a violation of the contract and could result in the CLC keeping the required damage deposit.
  • The Client accepts all responsibility for his or her actions and all the actions of the guests with regards to alcohol consumption.
  • The Community Life Center reserves the right to limit drinking privileges to ANY AND ALL persons in attendance.
  • The Community Life Center provides plastic cups. Glassware must be rented.

Cash Bar Service

Clients may choose to operate the bar as a cash bar, meaning that guests are responsible for paying for their own drinks. Client is still responsible for 18% Service Fee for non-hosted bar. If guests do not meet the $500 minimum expenditure, the client will be responsible for paying the difference. The bar accepts cash as well as credit cards.

Hosted Bar Service

Clients may choose to operate the bar as a hosted bar, meaning the client will be covering all the drinks for the night. Hosted Bars are operated based on consumption or “the number of drinks guests consume.” Clients are required to pay an initial host amount of their selection 30 days out, plus a 20% gratuity and tax. The initial host amount must be a minimum of $500. After the initial hosted amount is reached, the client then provides the manager on duty with a credit card (to temporarily keep on file) for the remainder of the event, to continue hosting. A 20% gratuity will be applied to the continuation of the hosted bar. The balance of the extra hosted amount and gratuity (20%) must be paid at the end of the event.

Combination Hosted and Cash Bar Service

Clients may choose to operate the bar as a combination bar, meaning that the client will be covering some of the drinks, with guests paying for the other.  A combination bar may take the form of clients hosting beer and wine, with mixed drinks being operated as cash bar; hosting bridal party only, etc. Clients are required to pay their initial hosted amount 30 days prior to their event, including 20% gratuity and tax. Once the initial host is met the client can opt to continue hosting or convert the bar to a cash bar. If the client choose to continue hosting the bar, the balance and 20% gratuity is due at the end of the event.

*Additional bar  requires a set-up fee of $250.00 and possibly an additional security fee based on managers discretion.

*Minimum alcohol purchase stays the same

*Sodas and bottled water must be purchased through the bar

Special Orders

The Community Life Center may special order alcohol for an event, if requested. The request must be placed no later than 30 days prior to the event. The client must pay for any special orders 30 days prior to the event, along with the bar setup fee and other bar expenses. The order will be placed with one of our licensed distributors. The price quoted will be based on the distributor’s cost plus the Community Life Center’s cost and standard markup. At the end of the event, unused bottles may not be removed from the property.

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